We started this Graduate Institute in hope of setting up a good foundation for students to understand both theory and practice. Unlike most management courses that spends a disproportionate amount of time on management courses, the Graduate Institute of International Business focusses on courses such as international enterprise competition, international finance, international marketing management, and international economics. Students are free to choose classes base on their strengths and interests. Lectures are conducted primarily in Chinese, using English materials, and we have small classes which enhances communication between lecturers and students. National Taipei University provides opportunities for exchange and double master programs to prepare our students for the international arena.

One of the main purposes of our institute is to provide society with managers specializing in international enterprise management who have exceptional communication skills, a sound theoretical foundation, as well as a broad, international perspective on current issues and trends. The institute also strives to provide local businesses with knowledge on international issues, in order to aid them to better compete in the international arena. We also encourage students to participate in activities with local and international private enterprises, as well as public, government-owned systems.

Our faculty have different strengths in a wide variety of business disciplines. We aid our students in identifying their own strengths and interests at an early stage, as well as arm them with the relevant knowledge in order to be properly prepared to choose a thesis topic, and the right advisor for the topic. The Graduate Institute of International Business aims to internationalize students, improve professionalism, as well as learning and managerial abilities in order to flourish in, and maintain competitiveness in a dynamic international business environment. Our Graduate Institute provides students with support in all aspects of their lives. The Graduate Institute of International Business at National Taipei University warmly welcomes you. I hope 

1. Pass on Professional Knowledge, Enhance Creativity
Through our experienced professors, students have the
capability to perform independent research.

2. Collaborate with Industry
Through corporative work with local enterprises and academic support from our institute,
local enterprises can in turn focus on internationalization.

3. High Performance
Through theoretical and practical training, out students will aim to become international managers and financial experts.

4. Global Outlook
Students are equipped with international perspectives, and are confident speaking at least one foreign language.

5. Competitiveness
To increase student's competitive edge in their future work environment; our institute encourages
students to take national certification tests.

6. Relaxed Learning Environment
The institute aims to enhance relationships between teachers and students by having a relaxed and open learning environment.

Sincerely yours,
Chen Tser yieth