Dowtherm minutes

Dowtherm minutes

日期 重要記事 照片
2019.09.11 Student Conference
1.Freshman briefing
2. Life Coaching and Learning Dialogue
2018.09.12 Student Conference
1.Freshman briefing
2. Life Coaching and Learning Dialogue
2018.05.15 Student Conference
1.Students related to study and life
2017.09.20 Student Conference
1. Shuo Yi and Shuo 2 door lock replacement
2. Shuo Er's laboratory needs to update the computer
3. Whether to add credits to foreign universities to 9 credits
4. Industry-University Cooperation Opportunities
2017.03.22 Student Conference
1. Future career planning
2. Life Coaching and Learning Dialogue
2016.12.06 Student Conference
1. Discuss academic exchanges in Nanjing and Shanghai, China
2. Life Coaching and Learning Dialogue
2016.09.14 Student Conference
1.Freshman briefing
2. Life Coaching and Learning Dialogue
2016.04.07 Student Conference
1. Please explain and pay the fees before the 7th Suzhou-Hangzhou industrial and academic visit.
2. Review of the contract of Lion Travel Agency.
3. Life counseling and learning dialogue.
2016.01.06 Student Conference
1.Overseas Study Experience Sharing-Double Degree, Boston University, USA
2. Overseas study experience sharing-exchange students at East China Normal University
2015.09.16 Student Conference
1. Academic Exchange in Mainland China
2. Friends of our firm returned to their mother's home
3. Insurance related issues
2015.06.16 Student Conference
1. Welcome Outing
2. Friendship Association
3. Admissions
2015.04.21 Student Conference
1. Living and Accommodation Related Issues
2. Discussion on task study
3. Discussion on Exchange Student Issues
2014.09.24 Student Conference
1. Presentation of the 103 academic year entrance award and outstanding achievement award
2. Select the cadres learned in the 103 academic year
3. Discussion on life and learning issues
2014.04.29 Student Conference
1. Discussion on learning problems
2. Discussion on internship-related issues
3. Discussion on career planning and future development
2014.03.20 Student Conference
1. Learning and task problems
2. Probe into Employment Issues
3. Discussion on life planning issues
2013.09.16 Student Conference
1. New semester adaptation issues
2. Discussion on living and renting issues
3. Student loan and scholarship application
2013.03.20 Student Conference
1. Business visits and internships
2. Discussion on employment issues
3. Career Management and Life Planning
2012.09.25 Student Conference
1. Business visits and internships
2. Discussion on employment issues
3. Career Management and Life Planning
2012.09.13 Student Conference
1. Presentation of the 101 academic year entrance award and outstanding achievement award
2. Select the cadres learned in the 101 academic year

1. Invited Professor Chen Zeyi to share with you "a better life is to manage" this

The book behind the book experience:from imbalance towards balance,the importance of time management,Blue Ocean Strategy

2. Tutor gift "good life is to manage," a book to sophomores.Remind students in the attitude should be noted that other than the academic concept of time,As well as dealing with people and so on.

3. Announced that the evaluation should pay attention to the matter.

1.The original desire awarded 100 academic year admission Award and the achievement Excellence Award due to partial collar    The prize is yet to come, it is extended to other time handling.

2 .Department evaluation Note:reception person in charge of the judges to the school, Department of the philosophy and goals of Reminders, class should be preceded by preview, class of speech enthusiastically.

3.  as soon as possible to determine the allocation of research assistant Classroom equipment problems: wire sometimes is not working, to be assistant and then assist.

1.The insurance industry and its related licenses <Instructor: Xiao Fenghua lecturer> Workplace to look and listen more to learn more

2. Positive Thinking is important. Everything simple want to seriously Faith can generate force , Based on the career industry to determine whether the Xiankao license test prepare

3. Sector rotation, to try a different job content

4 ask understand things different level view

1. The next dowtherm will time: 6/9 Thursday (the Class generation: after graduation liaison)Printed papers Laboratory to make use of the printerThe

2. Shuo Laboratory adequacy seats: You may purchase a table

1.Find Professor of affairs has finalized four students received: 4 Professor A discussion will be held by the end of May Insurance

2. Discuss the breakdown of Guangzhou mainland visit: cloth, paper, booklet3  Yingge visit will be extended to 5/25

Internship opportunities and more to the outside, looking for more than asking

1.6 will go by the end of the Zhongshan University in Guangzhou to conduct academic exchanges

2.4 / 15, a company will go to state-owned enterprises are recruiting activities

3. foreign student residence problem has been explained by the TA to clarify

4.4 / 13 Starbucks, general manager of the future of Beijing University to speak

5. employment after graduation attitude adjustment

1.A discussion of the end of the period to find the professor (four students each of the four professors evenly)

2.Insurance forum will be held recently

3. Discussion of the end of the period in Guangzhou to visit the Sun Yat-sen University of affairs

4.Discuss visit to Yingge stone

5.Hope to have more opportunities for business visit

6.Hope internship opportunities

7 by the creation of the song

1. Schoolwork too big cause gastritis

2. How to Lose Weight

3.Eating out how to eat a balanced

4.How to develop exercise habits

5.Investment return discussion

6. Learning non Undergraduate Department

7.How evenly distributed schoolwork and leisure time

1. Elect 99 school year the Society cadres matters

2. Awarded 99 academic year enrollment Awards and achievements Excellence Award

1. copier charges

2. foreign students taught

3.Required elective courses from 99 academic year freshmen started

4.Thesis defense costs by the first advance without students first Dianqian

5. to encourage students to participate in the competition on the

6. students for future employment opportunities

7. Society funding discussion

1.Guide the Students' Association of the budget on to be enlisted

2.Thesis sample information how to find, especially in high-frequency data

3.Within the ability of students to seek outside guidance of Professor

4. student thesis put forward their own whether by students

5. repair the outer Department curriculum frequently blocked, and limited to 4 6.credits hinder attendance interested in curriculum Surgery industry specialization, the possibility of full-became elective courses allow students to choose to be specialized in the field of

7. credits improve, but the course did not increase future tuition burden

8. Learning statistical software to seek off-campus way

9. Society functions? Ability to return to the goal of student autonomy?

10. briefing document, presentation mouse, could the professor, the students each with one to facilitate the teaching and reporting

11. how to do print control method?

1.Students to traveling abroad, academic exchanges (traveling abroad, credits recognized)

2. Outside credits recognized

3 foreign students (work permit)

4.Student IT equipment deficiencies

5 internship provides

6 if the students participate in the contest, are within the provided resources

7. Attend the Department of Business Administration courses have blocked repair the problem

1. Issued academic year enrollment ninety-eight of Awards and achievements of Excellence Award

2. Outstanding Staff Award presented our department evaluation visits

3.Be elected the academic year ninety-eight learned cadres matters

1.Visit: semester began to discuss recommendations can handle; Please coated teacher coordination

2. Tour: advance planning; summer do + Orientation

3. of the Calendar

4. Institute of cadre re-election (president: Ying Lan)

5. Awarded 95 academic year enrollment semester academic scholarship

         96 academic year semester academic scholarship

1.Self-assessment briefings

2.The tour is expected in 2/21, the location is expected to Great Roots

3. quarters mailbox mounted monitor

4. Laboratory network hole inadequate


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