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National Taipei University Institute of International Business Studies Master's Program

Article 1 These regulations are formulated in accordance with the regulations of the National Taipei University Master’s and Doctoral Program and related laws and regulations.

Article 2 Anyone who graduated with a bachelor's degree or equivalent from a university registered by the Ministry of Education or a foreign university certified by the Ministry of Education can be admitted to the master's class of this institute through the entrance examination of this institute, provided that they meet the department’s entrance requirements.

Article 3 After enrolling in a master's program, the tutor of the class will guide the students in elective credits and coursework consultation, and the student's course selection must be signed by the tutor. The written test scores of the incoming students in the master's program must be above the average score of the candidates (those who have taken the test). If they do not, they must take the written test subjects in the first semester after enrollment in their respective departments and meeting certain standards. Take relevant advanced courses of our firm.

Article 4 The maximum length of study for master’s students is four years.

Article 5 The graduation credits of the master's program in this institute shall be at least 46 credits, which are divided into six categories: core compulsory courses, common elective courses, professional elective courses, analysis tools, professional advancement, and industry-university collaboration. The six credits for the dissertation are included in the graduation credits. Postgraduates can take up to six credits elective courses in other departments (offices).
1. All freshmen in the institute who have not studied Economics, Statistics, or Business Management at the university; those who studied but failed it; or do not meet the average standard in Economics and Statistics at the entrance examination; and other basic courses of similar nature (accredited by our major) must go to the respective university department to take additional basic courses with at least three credits in Economics, Statistics, and Business Management. The credits taken are not included in graduation credits.
2. The average score of a selected class must not be higher than 90 points (>=90 points).
3. The average score of a compulsory class in our institute shall not be higher than 85 points (>=85 points).
4. Under normal circumstances, the results of the graduation thesis in our institute shall not be higher than 90 points (>=90 points).
5. In the case of published essays, the results of our graduation thesis can be between 91 points-93 points.
6. In the case of publication of level 1 seminars and journals with review system, the graduation thesis score of the institute can be above 94.

Article 6 1. Master's degree students should take at least nine credits per semester in the first academic year. At least three credits should be taken each semester from the second academic year. The credit limit for courses taken in each semester is fifteen credits, which are divided into four semesters. If there are special circumstances, the instructor may approve the transfer of credits after approval by the director.
2. The maximum number of elective courses taken by our students is five, but it can be handled on a case-by-case basis to meet graduation requirements.
3. The students of our institute who intend to study a dual degree abroad must first complete all the required courses and four elective courses of the institute, complete the thesis and be approved by the instructor and the institute before they can study the dual degree abroad.
4. The number of students from our institute to enroll for dual degree or exchange students abroad shall not exceed one-third of the number of students in the institute in that class.

Article 7 1. The basic courses of this institute are listed in the entrance examination subjects. Those who do not meet the average score in the entrance examination must be supplemented. After passing the remedial courses, the scores of the remedial courses shall not be counted as the average academic grade and graduation credits during the enrollment period; before passing the remedial courses, no application for degree examinations is allowed.
2. Graduate students of our master's program, regardless of their status as general, overseas Chinese, or territorial students, should go to the website specified by the school (student information system/academic resources/academic research ethics education course website) to take the "Academic Research Ethics Education" course on their own. They are to meet the online course test passing standards, and only after showing the proof of the course can apply for the degree oral test. Those who fail are not allowed to apply for the oral test.
Article 8 Students should select the full-time teachers of our institute as their instructor, select the topic of the thesis before the end of classes in the first academic year (according to the school calendar), and report to the director for verification. The master's thesis plan will be published at the beginning of the second academic year.

Article 9 1. In order to strengthen the quality of student papers of our institute and jointly undertake the guidance of our student papers, the allocation of the number of students guided by our teachers and a common guidance method has been proposed. Each teacher can guide up to 3.5 students (If the teachers of our institute have a leave or secondment, each teacher of this institute shall guide up to four students and the number of teachers who take leave or secondment is limited to 3.5.) In addition, before June 30th of the second semester, the confirmation form of the advisor should be submitted. If it is not submitted, it shall be deemed that the applicant has not formally applied for the qualification of writing thesis in the current academic year. If it is submitted, it shall be voted and confirmed in the meeting.
2. Students in the second year must choose courses in their related fields and must be confirmed by the instructor.
3. A master's degree student can write to replace an advisor, and the replacement of the advisor is limited to one time. The application to replace the advisor must first be made to the institute, and the application must have the signature and approval of the advisor before being sent to the director.

Article 10 Students in the master's degree program must complete the required courses, credits and review of works (Annex 1) before they can submit a thesis. After passing the exam and meeting the following requirements, they will be awarded a master's degree in business.
1. Complete the oral test of the thesis plan
2. Write papers in English
3. Publish conference papers (they must attach proof of attendance and related photos).
4. After enrolling in the master's program, students need to participate in international academic activities. The types of activities are counted by points. A total of 6 points must be completed before graduation. The specific activities will be announced separately after being confirmed by the executive meeting.

Article 11 The degree examinations for master’s students shall be based on the principle of oral examinations, and written examinations may be held when necessary. The oral test of thesis shall be processed at the time specified in the school calendar.

Article 12 For master's degree oral examination, students must apply for the oral examination one month before the oral examination, and the thesis advisor shall propose a list of members of the oral examination committee (including three to five advisors), of which the external oral examination members shall account for one third. The committee shall be appointed after being approved by the director. After the oral test, if there is a member who proposes a suggestion for amendment, the advisory professor shall submit an approval letter for the amendment.

Article 13 Students in the master's program who have one of the following circumstances shall be ordered to withdraw from the school:
1. The number of failed credits reach one-half of the total number of credits studied in the semester, and the student has accumulated such twice
2. Those who have not completed the required subjects and credits at the end of their studies
3. Those who fail the degree examination and do not meet the re-examination requirements; or meet the re-examination requirements and fail the re-examination.

Article 14 After the master's degree students pass the thesis and degree examination, the oral test score notification must be delivered to the research and teaching group before the end of the current semester. The thesis must be submitted before the registration of the next semester, otherwise the registration of the next semester will still be required, and it will be regarded as a second semester graduation.

Article 15 If there are any matters not covered in these measures, they must be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Article 16 This guide will be implemented after being approved by the executive meeting, and their amendments incorporated.

Annex I
Key Points for Review of Academic Works of the Institute of International Business, National Taipei University Business School

The resolution of the executive meeting on September 26, 2002 was passed.

1. The Institute of International Enterprise, National Taipei University Business School (hereinafter referred to as the Institute)
To develop a research atmosphere, and as one of the necessary conditions for graduation review, specify "academic work review methods."
2. The so-called academic works must meet one of the following criteria:
1. Symposium held in Taiwan, accepted, and attended with in-person oral presentation. This paper must not
be a poster paper, and the seminar must have been held before submission.
2. Seminar papers and journal papers outside Taiwan must have been accepted.
3. Application procedure:
1. Complete the application form for review of academic works and have it signed by the advisor.
2. Provide one original (or printed copy) of the academic work.
3. Chinese seminar papers need to be submitted with supporting documents published on the spot.
If you actually attend the seminar, you will be disqualified from reviewing the paper.
4. The recognition of co-authors of academic works is as follows:

Student-published papers that do not specify affiliation with the National Taipei University or National Taipei University Institute of International Enterprise will not be accepted.

5. The measures will be implemented after being approved by the executive meeting, and subject to amendment.

National Taipei University Business School International Enterprise Institute International Literacy Passport Planning
After enrolling in the master's program, students need to participate in international academic activities. The types of activities are counted by points. A total of 6 points must be completed before graduation.
Activity Method
Reference for supporting materials
Go abroad for double-entry and exchange
6 points
Certificate of relevant unit/entry and exit certificate
Study tour and internship abroad
3 points/month
Certificate of relevant unit/entry and exit certificate
Participate in foreign academic exchange visits or enterprise visits
6 points
Certificate of relevant unit/entry and exit certificate
Participate in the Study Group Intermediate Foreign Language Course (except English) at the Language Center of the school
4 points
Proof of passing grades
Participate in international competition(s) -winning
6 points
Certificate of Merit/Proof of Entry and Exit
Participate in volunteer activities in international competition(s)
6 points
Certificate of relevant unit/entry and exit certificate
International students and teachers who visit our school - every day
Certificate of relevant unit
Organize international exchange activities or international seminars - daily
Certificate of relevant unit
AACSB official interview - as a panelist
3 points/field
Certificate of relevant unit
AACSB field visit - as a staff member
1points /day
Certificate of relevant unit
International professional license
Proof of passing grades




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