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International Business graduate student academic code of ethics

Institute for International Business, National Taipei University to be the noble's personality, under the guidance of the professors attend courses, academic & Products of research, is committed to safeguarding academic freedom, the pursuit of academic excellence. Code of Ethics of this school of arts and graduate students in the scholarship office listed the fact that the basic attitudes and practices should be, so as to encourage each other to urge has reached the goals and character of education to be socially desirable.
First, in order to participate in the attitude of professionalism of the academic research activities, develop academic & Products.
Second, to comply with school graduate school is, and they fail in this way and other academic related specifications.
Third, to comply with their professors on the academic guidance of professional advice and with the harmony of the teacher-student interaction.
4, this in good faith and conscience, to conduct research, not limited to any undue external pressure or temptation.
5, no fabrication, tampering with research data, or improperly cited the information to others.
6, and properly record and save the relevant information, and relevant parties in due time by testing or traced.
7, thoughtful analysis of research findings, including insurance and research discrepancies found in the former is expected.
8 to study the works of reference books or data of others, indeed identifying the sources.
9, use or reference to others creative or research and development results, respect for intellectual property rights of others, not copied, not plagiarism.
10, research was published, in order to actually participating in the study and a contributor to or the consent, according to sequence, called the author and the research does not duplicate publication of academic journals.
11, the proper data storage, is indeed involved in matters relating to the results published.
12, academic achievements under review, the respect for the review unit to review procedures and the review committee opinion, and the results published by responsible and appropriate response to official inquiries



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