Riki / Honor and Awards 3

List of Honor Record
Academic Journal Review:
1. Management Journal
2. Journal of Business Management
3. Deming Journal
4. International Journal of
5. Zhongshan Management Review

New recruits to Upgrade an Assessment of:
1. National Kaohsiung University of
2. Tamkang  University
3. Providence University
4. Global Business and Technology

Other Academic (of school) Activities:
1. Republic of China Co-operative Societies - "Welfare Center stores of Management" Lecturer, October, 1997
2. Global Business College, "finance and investment," Speaker, December 1997
3. AD 2002 National Co-Executive Seminar topic: "Cooperation Guidance - social, financial" and we talk, March 2002
4.2002 Taichung American Lai Lecture Series topic: "3 Low-era coping strategies," Speaker, October 2002
5.2002 Accounting Theory and Practice Seminar third screening, "earnings management"  financial projections for revenue to reduce the threshold of the earnings management behavior of an open study (Su Yu Hui, Weng Li Zhen)  commentators, November 3,2002
6.2004 3 warbler tree holistic education Camp  "finance and investment," Lecturer, January, 2004
7.2004 Taiwan business management and information-cum-conference workshop of the preparatory committee chairpersons September 29, 2004.
8.2005 Taiwan business management and information seminar session moderator, 2005.
9 May 2005, the Sixth National Symposium positive economics papers (The 6th Annual Conference of Taiwan's Economic Empirics)  Moderator
10. May 2005, the Sixth National Symposium positive economics papers (The 6th Annual Conference of Taiwan's Economic Empirics)  integration of Taiwan's financial institutions on the impact of monetary policy effects (LAI Hui-son, Jianxun) commentators
11.2005 Taipei University international financial management service designed Ban  Contemporary Management Forum Title:
Return and Volatility Dynamics between the A-shares and B-shares Markets in China: An Intervention Analysis in a Bivariate EGARCH-MX Framework, November 15, 2005.
12.2006 Social Sciences, National Taipei University Department of Economics, The 10th Symposium  economic development of Taiwan's financial development and financial health of state-owned commercial banks, the issue of corporate debt  breach causes and prevention (Li Jiang, Zong-Xian Feng) commentators.
13.2008 Conference on International Investment and Financial Outlook-B screening host, Zhi Li Institute of Technology, Department of Finance, May 7, 2008
14,. Three Gorges Campus Management Master's degree program  "Financial Management" classes, Professor, September 2004 ~ January 2005; September 2005 ~ January 2006; April 2006 ~ August 2006.

Practice Visits and the Visit to Assessment Activities:
1.2001 Changsheng power plant (project plans to investment and financing).
2.2001 Citibank credit card business.
3.2002 of international cooperation and exchange of SMEs SME Co-operative Conference and Expo.
4.2005, Taipei Medical University, General Office, business visits.
5.2005 Ming Hsin University of Technology, member of self-assessment evaluation operations.
6.2006 Truth University and St. John's University of Technology, electrical and hydraulic control system to visit.
7.2006 Ming Hsin University of Technology, member of the General Office, off-campus evaluation.
8.2006 National Chiao Tung University, visit the Power Monitoring System-cum-exchange-related businesses.
9.2007 Green Energy Co., Ltd. solar energy materials, processes visits.
10.2008 National Kaohsiung First University of Science General Office, hot and cold symbiotic systems business visit.
11.2008 visit the Taiwan Stock Exchange business.
12.2008 Shin Kong Life business visit.


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