Mission: (for 2015-2019)
1. Professionalism
We are dedicated to providing students with quality educational experiences that ensure their proper instruction in ethical concepts and international business-related skills.
2. Academic Research
We encourage and support faculty members to engage in research and produce results that contribute to their professional growth in international business areas besides teaching.
3. Educational Environment
We are dedicated to providing an excellent educational environment where students are the top priority and where ideas, discovery, and creativity can flourish.
4. Global Perspective
We are devoted to providing an academic milieu with a global perspective for our students and faculty members.
5. Partnership
We strive to build a seamless fusion between the resources provided by alumni and the international business courses taught in order to create strong awareness of current international business practices among the enrolled students.
We encourage students to participate in activities with local and international private enterprises, as well as public, government-owned systems. Our goal is to cultivate managers of international companies. Therefore, our course revolves around international enterprise competition, international financial markets, and international marketing management.


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