Graduate Institute of International Business at National Taipei University (GIIB) emphasizes both theoretical and practical learning.
The five foundations of our Graduate Institute are:
1. Help local enterprises to internationalize
2. Cultivate international managers
Aid local businesses to become accustomed to globalization and World Trade Organization practices
4. Help Taiwan to develop to be influential in decisions in the Asian region
Establish Taiwan as an important international business district through the creation of improved information technology, education, good business environment, and sound business strategies and policies.
The first and second foundations are to cultivate international managers who are well-equipped with a broad spectrum of knowledge and superior analysis skills, and exceptional communicational abilities. The third to fifth foundations are to aid students in developing the skills they need to establish Taiwan as the financial capital of Asia. Furthermore, students will be equipped with tools to create effective policy and the ability to efficiently analyze the world economy. GIIB also strives to help local enterprises to be more familiar with the dynamic international environment.
We established GIIB for the following reasons:
As internationalization is unavoidable, managers with relevant skills and expertise are in great demand
Because we envision Taiwan as an international business hub, personnel with knowledge of information technology, the international business environment, and business strategies and policies are needed.
In order to attract foreign investors to Taiwan to set up international market centers here, we need more than just a good investment environment and policies, we need to quickly respond to global market movements. In essence, our institute's research focusses on international enterprise competitiveness, international financial markets, and international marketing management.


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